I've been tremendously inspired by the work of Justin Roiland and his writing/producing partner Dan Harmon. They are the creators of the amazing "Rick and Morty". They started their animated adventures years ago, producing home-brewed animated satires and publishing them on their own websites... years before YouTube had taken over online video streaming.
One of the mini-shows Justin and co created was "House of Cosbys", a simple concept involving a Cosby fan who developed a cloning machine. He starts cloning Cosbys and hilarity and chaos ensues... unfortunately so did the lawsuits. The show ceased and desisted after only four episodes, leaving many loose threads in the series' complex tapestry. I decided to pick up where they left off, and started working on a conclusion for the show.
I planned an ambitious two part episode that wrapped up all the storylines. I learned a lot about lip sync, limited animation techniques and short form script writing. I'd love to complete the project, but with the past controversy with Bill Cosby, the subject material took on a much less humorous tone. It would be great to work with Justin Roiland and co. in the future, believe me, I'm ready!

A new scene with Mitchell and his half robot, half Cosby clone “BC-D2”

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